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General Asım Gündüz

Asım Gündüz was born in Kütahya in 1880. After completing his primary education at the Ottoman Junior High School in Kütahya, he enrolled at Kuleli Military College. He graduated from the War Studies Academy in 1905 with his classmate Mustafa Kemal. From 1909 to 1911, he studied at the German Military Academy and completed his internship at the German General Staff, after which, upon his return to Istanbul on 22 July 1919, he began teaching at the War Studies Academy.

On 3 August 1921, he arrived in Anatolia to join the national resistance movement and was appointed Head of the Western Front, a position he held until the end of the War of Independence. As military envoy at the Mudanya talks, he was Ismet İnönü’s right-hand man, and played a pivotal role in discussions concerning military affairs and the demarcation of the new borders.

He was Head of the Turkish delegation which oversaw the handing over of Hatay by the French in Antakya in 1938. In 1946, he entered the political arena and in the 1946 and 1950 elections he was elected MP for Kütahya, a position he held until 1954. Asım Gündüz passed away passed away on 14th January 1970.

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